Very interesting idea / concept that would bring transparency!

As Procurement practitioner, this is somehow what the ultimate D-U-N-S number is supposed to provide. I said “supposed” because it has its own limitations; the main one being the 51% capitalistic ownership. The UBO goes beyond that; I totally see its value.

But I have questions, OpenCorporates

Q1: As highlighted in the article, I cannot imagine that all companies would easily reveal who is their UBO… The goal of UBO is to remove some opacity, not everybody is a fan of transparency!

Q2: What/who is(are) the UBO(s)? Does is stop at institution level (private or public) or at individual level (owner or stakeholder)?

Q3: If it is not a self-declaration, then who has the “authority” to define a company’s UBO?

Q4: Are there any source success stories in an industrial context?

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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