To curate or not to curate… To filter or not to filter…

“What I don’t understand is this, if I follow someone why don’t I see everything they write?” — Greg Dickson

Like Greg Dickson, I was surprised when I read that in Conor O’Shea’s story:

I also share Conor’s view on the fact that a lot of content is buried and not easily accessible…

On the other side, I understand how daunting the task to “unbury” content is, considering the amount of stuff published… Read the part on “content shock” in the story by Buffer:

Content discovery?

The idea of an algorithm magically finding the nuggets in the mass of posts / articles… is seducing but I’ve tried many solutions:

  • Prismatic, not possible to create new accounts since they “pivoted” (interestingly, I have found a lot of great stuff on Medium via Prismatic; not via the recommendations from Medium…)
  • Zite

and my conclusion is that none of them is good enough (the 2 ones above are the best ones, IMO).

This may be due to the fact that, like Iza Meyer, “I like so different things, depending on mood, day, weather and so on.” Difficult for a machine to know what I would feel like reading at a specific time.

Focus and randomness!

I understand your point, Greg Dickson, a solution is… RSS.

Yeah! RSS’s not dead (yet)!

With that, you can focus on what matters to you: authors, publications…

At the same time, the social curation is quite interesting. This is what happens when in Medium’s recommendation page. I’ve discovered and read great stuff that I would have never had the chance to discover otherwise.

This randomness is great.

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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