Sustainable Procurement Must Not Be a Myth…

Well said, Kodiak Community! I can only agree with what you wrote. Procurement has a very important role to play to save the world! I said it in 2015, and, two years after, it is even more valid and needed!

Interestingly enough, today, I read a very interesting article from the The New York Times that is another illustration of the above:

It is the illustration and prolongation of the philosophy that Tim O'Reilly described:

“The obligation, and the self‑interest of every company is to build a robust society.” –Tim O’Reilly

It now reaches investors and stakeholders… And there is no other function than Procuremen that can deliver that promise by embedding that same approach into the supply chain.

So, again, well said, and I hope all Procurement professionals will walk the talk and not make sustainable Procurement a myth…

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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