No anger, Anya McKenna


I am a true believer that Procurement exists to save the world! ;-)

and that Technology is a key enabler…

and should be much more used than it currently is!

I guess you agree on that, Anya McKenna ;-) Your movie for your Big Idea is really cool!

I have an overall interest in technology because I believe you cannot avoid it an live in the past and that, overall, it can get the best of us, people.

But I am not too naive either…

I am just annoyed by people who, because they use technology, forget about the people we all are. As I wrote, technology must be seen as a way to nurture relationships (cooperation / collaboration /…) even more. And you are right, eAuctions are a great way to improve relationships when done correctly; which requires to forget about the technology and work on things like trust, commitment, transparency… (people stuff!)

Any chance to have the link to the study by University of West England you mentioned?

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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