Meghan Huynh, you are right and I am also not saying that technology does not help. I am a big fan of collaborative technology / E2.0.

My point was about:

  • the relative importance of technology vs. process: the best tech cannot fix a broken process. Technology can, as you say, bring a lot of efficiencies but is less important in terms of effectiveness (when talking about Procurement processes, not industrial / manufacturing),
  • the relative importance of technology + process vs. people: the "best" tech. and the "best" process cannot fix a broken organization or culture.

This is something learned from E2.0 where lots of companies have only focused on the tech. side of things and forgot to address the human side of collaboration. The funny thing is that the story below is pretty recent and shows that maybe the lesson is not yet learned…

To finish on that theme, one of my favorite quote that is the best summary of how technology shapes our world:

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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