Chatbots and Cognitive Procurement…

How do you feel about bots? Do they scare you? Do you hate them? Do you think they’ll take your job (for some of you I think they might)? Or are you thrilled at their potential to reimagine the way we work and live?

These are all great questions, Jordan Early! As far as I am concerned, like you, I would use the word “exciting.”

Endless possibilities, new capabilities… the convergence of several technologies makes what looked impossible a few years ago now possible. In Procurement and many other areas!

Obviously, there is a lot of enthusiasm at the moment on “bots” and conversational user interfaces; here on Medium or Twitter. Past the “wow” & “hype” effect, the challenge is to implement it right. Right = to create value to the users!

In a follow-up to the article above, I have included several links to other stories on Medium that are worth reading:

Procurement Digitalist. 👤:

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